Conditions of Use

1. Pricing and taxes

The prices in the catalogue are presented in their gross value, i.e. including the appropriate VAT.

The VAT can be reduced to 0% for purchases leaving the European Union on condition that they are paid by PayPal and "Courier services" have been chosen as the shipping method.
The VAT charged with the order will be returned to the PayPal account from which the payment was originally sent as soon as we have received the customs clearance confirmation called IE599, which is a legal requirement for processing export transactions.

The VAT can also be reduced to 0% for intracommunity transactions on condition that they are paid by PayPal and on completing the order, the Customer leaves a note in the Comments field demanding such processing and providing their Euro-VAT number.
Please note that the delivery address must be the same as the one registered in the VIES system. Please check at
Once the order has been delivered, we will send a reception confirmation document to the Customer's email address, which will contain all the data of the transaction that are legally required for processing intracommunity transactions.
The Customer will need to print this document out, sign it, stamp it, and send back to us by standard mail. Only after having received this document will we be able to return the VAT charged with the order to the PayPal account from which the payment was originally sent. The invoice will be sent to the Customer's email address.

2. Quality of the products

We do our best to deliver the products of the best quality possible.
All the spare parts and accessories made in European Union (EU) and those marked as high-quality products (HQ) come with a guarantee and will be replaced or its price will be returned if they happen to present any production defect.

Still, we cannot take any responsibility for the original and aftermarket spare parts and accessories, including those made in Russia (RU), Ukraine, Belarus and other ex-USSR countries.
Please be warned that the quality and the functionality of these products often do not comply with the European standards and may require additional work to make them serve their function correctly.

Most aftermarket parts and accessories that are not made in the ex-USSR, are manufactured in China and other countries of Eastern Asia.
Their quality is usually inferior to the quality of original parts, and much worse than the quality of high-quality parts.
Please note that we do not take any responsibility for such products.

3. Electrical equipment

All the electrical and electronic products are supposed to be installed by a qualified electrician.
We are not responsible for any damage to such products caused by an incorrect installation or by an unqualified person even though it was accidental.

4. Presentation of the products

The characteristics, information and images presented on this website are not contractual and may, for various reasons, differ from the actual product.
In case that any of the characteristics are vital for your purchase decision, you should explain it in the comments to your order so that it can be verified before the dispatch.
In the other case, it will be considered that you understand and accept the fact that some characteristics may vary due to various factors, eg. translation errors, computer system errors, modifications of a product specification, a different manufacturer, etc.

5. Models of the motorcycles

The models of the motorcycles for which we provide spare parts and accessories may sometimes cause confusions, due to various factors.

First of all, please be aware of the fact that the documentation that you have acquired with your motorcycle may, for various reasons, not be compliant with the actual or original model of the motorcycle.

Also, these motorcycles often have installed parts of other models, because they were cheaper, better, more modern or simply the only ones available at a given moment.
One frequent modification is installing an MT804 Dnepr gearbox with reverse on a motorcycle that was originally equipped with a gearbox without reverse like the 7204 or 6204. Another is replacing an early model of the Earles front fork with a telescopic one.
These are just two of the most common modifications but these motorcycles often have installed engines, wheels, sidecars etc. taken from other models.
If you are not sure about the real model of your motorcycle or if it is modified in any way and so you are not sure which of the products will be correct for your motorcycle, you can send us some photos and we will provide you with all the information that you need.

Last but not least, please be aware of the fact that Dnepr and Ural are two different makes of a motorcycle and that they do not share very many parts so these two names should not be used incorrectly or interchangeably.
Also, these two above-mentioned makes appeared in the years 1960's, "Dnepr" with the model K-650 and "Ural" with the model M-62.
The motorcycles that were produced before these models, like M-72, K-750 and MB-750, should only be called by these denominations as when they were manufactured, the makes Dnepr and Ural simply did not exist yet.

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